Green Cammie Reading Party

September 22, 2010

Held in celebration of the publication of Crysta’s posthumous collection of poetry, Green Cammie

(Floating Bridge Press, 2010).

Local poets and writers Elizabeth Austen, Rebecca Brown, Anna Balint, Christine Deavel, Lana Hechtman Ayers, John Marshall, Gerry McFarland, Brian McGuigan, Kathleen Notley, Arne Pihl, Trisha Ready, and Janice Robinette read from the collection and say a few words about Crysta’s life and work. Hosted by Deborah Woodard.

Deborah Woodard Intro

Rebecca Brown

A Curse for Captain Bowman

Elizabeth Austen

Resident Poet • Hamlet's Question

Anna Balint

Lana Hechtman Ayers

Hell and Heaven

Self-Portrait • Snow

Trisha Ready

Brian McGuigan

Green Cammie • The Sane and the Insane

Miracle • Inner Feelings

Deborah Woodard Intermission

Arne Pihl

Christine Deavel

Flying • Guitar Lesson

The V.A. • At The Theodora

Gerry McFarland

Kathleen Notley

On Watching the Candles Burn • Paint By Numbers

Rocking Chair • Someday

Janice Robinette

John Marshall

The Boat

Isabel • Rain

Deborah Woodard Closing

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